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My Amazon Affiliate Income for August 2014

Welcome to my Amazon Affiliate Income for August 2014. If you followed last month’s report, you’d realise that I added over $400 to my previous earning. This month, I added over $500 to my previous earning and you can see proof below. I honestly must confess that I am blown away; this is totally unprecedented for me. For the records, this is the first time I am earning this kind of amount with the Amazon Affiliate program and I honestly think I can do more next month.

I am indeed grateful to God for the success I am recording but I honestly think you can also replicate whatever I am doing now. It’s just a matter of committing and working towards your goal. Here is a video to help you understand this business by Jan Roos, one of the highly respected Amazon Affiliates. He reveals how he makes $4000 a month from the program. Enjoy it!

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7 Lessons Learned from 7 Years of Internet Entreneurship

I make bold to say that I am a full time Internet Entrepreneur and it’s been 7 years on this divide. I look back with a lot of gratitude to God who made the journey smooth and rewarding. In fact, I didn’t realize I had come this far until a couple of friends on Linkedin started congratulating me. I then popped into my account to realise I had clocked 7 years as a self-employed person.

For the records, I officially resigned from my job as Deputy Editor of City People Quarterly August, 2007 and there’s been no regrets at all. Yes, the journey has been tough, yes, the journey has been gruelling, yes, the journey has been energy-sapping but there was no time when I felt like going back to paid employment. I had a strong commitment to self-employment and I stayed put. The Lord was also faithful as I prayed and still pray I will not fail. In fact, it was Leo Stan Ekeh, chairperson of Zinox Technologies Limited that said entrepreneurs pray and fast more than Pastors and I think I concur (but not wholeheartedly because some Pastors can really pray and fast). The journey hasn’t been without blood and sweat but I thank God I have results to show for it. And most importantly, I am still a self-employed gal (yes, I am still a girl after four). I really appreciate God for making this possible. For all the Lord has done, I just want to appreciate Him with this SINACH song which I love to high heavens. I never get tired of hearing it.

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Amazon Affiliate Income for July 2014

I am completely blown away by my Amazon Affiliate earnings for the month of July, 2014. I added over $400 to last month’s earnings while my second website made more than it made in the first month. My third website is also live but I have not done any promotion on it. All in all, I am having a blast with this arm of my online business and I believe any one can replicate my success.

For starters, here is a screenshot of my total earnings.

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Amazon Income Report for June 2014

This month, I am happy to report that my second niche website has started making money. I will share the site’s initial earnings shortly. I also want to say that I am happy one of my serious students has started making money. He called me last Friday, July 4th to tell me the good news.

I thought I should share my earnings and that of my student with you to encourage you if you want to go through this path.

I made a little over $829.27 but it’s still okay considering the fact that some of the products I sold were not shipped before the month ended. Hopefully, they will be shipped this month and the earnings added to this month’s earnings.

First, let me share the initial earnings of my second niche site. Recall I told you last month I had spent money on the site and even though I had not made a dime from it, I was going to give it some time. Well, my patience has finally paid off as I officially earned my first $9.42 from the website. I believe it is the beginning of greater things to come. See proof of my earnings below:

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Why I Stopped Publishing My Income Reports

If you have been following my Amazon marketing journey, you’ll notice that I stopped publishing my income reports in February, 2014. I have earned every month since then but I just didn’t want to publish. If you recall, I hinted that I would stop publishing in my last income report, but I didn’t tell you when.

Anyway, life happened and I stopped but that is a personal decision based on the fact that I had achieved the initial goal I set for myself which was to build an amazon review website that will make $1,000 monthly. I felt there was nothing more to prove. I wanted to move to newer challenges.

But I have decided to make this post to show you that I still earn from that first website I created. You can see what entered my account this May, 2014. (the income for the next month is usually paid at the end of the outgoing month).

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Gratitude Journal No 8 – January Income Report

Well January has come and gone but I am happy to inform you that I met my January income goal. But, traffic dropped from the website from the middle of January. It is interesting however that I was still able to hit $1000.

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Gratitude Journal #7 – I Hit My December Income Goal

Wow, all I can say is wow! Amazon niche site earnings are incredible at the end of the year and my site was not an exception. I am really grateful for the success and earnings. My initial goal was to make a $1000 but I surpassed it by $442, so, I made a total of $1442 from just one Amazon Affiliate website. This amount does not include earnings from over 30 items that had not been shipped as at December 31st, 2013. They would be shipped this month and the commissions added to this month’s earnings.

Considering the fact that I was ill for close to 3 weeks and couldn’t do much, I am surprised that this website did so well. That is the power of passive income that I constantly talk about. It’s better than active income as the site will still earn even if I don’t actively work on it.

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Gratitude Journal #6 – November Amazon Income Report

Welcome to my sixth Amazon Income Report. The month of November was good to me in all respects. I am grateful to God for the gift of life and good health for my family (biological and spiritual) and I. May His name alone be praised.

As regards my Amazon Income goals, I am happy to report that my income went up in the month of November. My goal was to make $600 but I made $617 (with several products ordered but not shipped before the month ended). Those products will be shipped this month and the commissions added to this month’s earnings.

The boost in Amazon earnings for November can generally be traced to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that most stores, including Amazon did just after Thanksgiving in the USA. I can’t really say it is this for my website, as I have not started implementing email strategies on it.

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Gratitude Journal #5 – Amazon Associate Cash Report

Welcome to my fifth gratitude journal. I am really happy you are out there following my progress and also locating areas where you have to be grateful too. It’s really good to be grateful and like I usually say, I’m grateful for where I am, where I am coming from and where I am going (because it’s going to be bright).

The month of October was quite eventful for Internet Marketers as Google released a couple of updates including the Penguin 2.1. I am glad my website was not affected as it maintains it’s first position on the Google first page for its’ target keyword.

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Gratitude Journal #4 – More Associate Income Proof

Another month has flown by but we thank God for His mercies over our household. We thank the Lord for His mercies over our businesses and ministry. We say may Him alone be praised in Jesus’ name.

Last month, I want to say the Lord surprised me regarding the Amazon site I created. I call September a record-breaking month but I could be proved wrong by the earnings in October. Who knows?

Last month, I had told people close to me I’d be happy if I made $300 with that one site but I’m happy I made more than that. I made $459! Now, that’s awesome from a 3-month old site on which I have only invested $5 plus my time and energy (which is invaluable).

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