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Success Lessons from the Life of Henry Ford

It was Napoleon Hill who said ”choose someone who is the sort of person you would like to be. Then, use that person as a role model and emulate them.”

There is no doubt about the fact that Henry Ford was one of the greatest Americans that lived. His life is worth studying for all students of success.

Success philosopher, Napoleon Hill was one of such students. He had the rare privilege of studying Ford for thirty years and recorded his findings in a book titled ‘How to Sell Your Way Through Life’ which I have had for so long but just decided to read recently.

I actually have the goal of reading 1 book per month (minimum) and it’s the book I concentrated on for this month (alongside ‘How to Think Like a Billionaire’ by Donald Trump).

In the book, Napoleon Hill mentioned 17 life principles he learnt from Mr Ford but I’ll not treat all of them. I probably would mention 10 and share my thoughts on them.

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11 Tips to Survive in a Tough Economy

Welcome to a fresh edition of Monday Morning Dew (MMD). I haven’t written in a long time but I am back to it. I believe we’re going to have an empowering time together. Go through this edition in which I talk about an issue that is staring all of us in the face.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Nigerian economy is facing tough times. One clear pointer is the Naira which is currently experiencing a free fall against the Dollar. A year ago, the Naira to Dollar exchange rate hovered between $150-$160 but last week, the Punch reported the Naira was selling for 242.5 to the Dollar. That apparently sent shivers down the spine of people who whose businesses rely on foreign exchange.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Amazon Niche Sites

When you’re new to Amazon Affiliate business, there are certain mistakes you stand to make and I want to help you by highlighting some of them in this post.

Mistake No 1: Not Reading Terms and Conditions

Like many Nigerians, I’d admit to joining programs and accepting their terms of service without actually reading through. I am re-considering my ways because contravening the rules of a program would lead to being shut out totally. This is a general problem but I dare say we should make out the time to read the fine-print before signing up for a program. It helps to avoid activities that would lead to account closure. I used to joke during seminars that most of us signed up for our Yahoo Emails without reading the terms of service. This can lead to account closure in cases where the terms are breached.

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Free Amazon Associate Update for You

It’s been a long long time since I gave you an update on my online activities. Well, I have been busy but today, I want to tell you about some of the new things we’re trying regarding the Amazon Afiliate program.

Since I last wrote, I must confess so many new things have happened and I want to keep you abreast of current happenings. I want to start from the Amazon Associates Program that you all know I am actively involved in.

There are new things we are doing to get ahead with this program. I shall start sharing those things below:

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My Birthday Advice to You – 7 Lessons

It has pleased the Lord to add another year to my life. To Him be all the glory. I want to appreciate the Lord with this:

I know you’re here to download my birthday gift. You can get that by filling your email address in the form immediately after this post. Now, let me quickly give advice to upcoming Internet Business people. This is just straight-from-my-heart. I hope you find it useful.

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My Second Kindle Publishing Update

Welcome to my second kindle direct publishing update. I have so much to say since I didn’t publish last month. First of all, I want to apologise that an update didn’t come up last month. I was actually swarmed up with a lot of work and electricity challenges (as if we all don’t know that one already). Please pardon me.

Now, I have divided my KDP journey into the following stages:

1. Getting a group of people who are interested in what I’ve got to offer

2. Building a relationship with them so they can be useful to me down the road

3. Getting my ebook out and asking such people for reviews and purchases

4. Further marketing to get more sales – this includes announcing my free kindle book on sites that will promote them for free

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My First Kindle Direct Publishing Update

kindle pixI warmly welcome you to my first Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) update. I must say this has been an eventful month for me as I have learnt a lot that can help me succeed in self-publishing. I have learnt so much in a short time and I believe I am fully equipped to make my $1000 a month KDP dream come true.

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My Amazon Associate Income for September 2014

Towards the end of September, Google unleashed an update that eroded the income of many Internet Marketers but I still managed to make slightly over a $1000. You can see the proof below.

My second website also did well. It earned close to $100. You can see proof below.

Even though the update was biting, I am extremely happy that I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you’d realise I am always talking about diversification (and that explains why my income comes from varied sources, not just Amazon Affiliate Marketing).  So, even though I am affected a bit, I still have newer sites that I never built PBN (private blog networks) to and I intend to use the same method I used to make over $1442 from my first website in December last year. You are all witnesses to the fact that I spent just $5 to build the website to that level. It wasn’t until the middle of this year that I used PBN links and I wrote about it accordingly.

I still know the tactics because I personally administered them but outsourcing has apparently made me lazy. I guess it’s back to basics for me.

PBN Linking Is Not the Only Way to Rank Websites

I have never believed using PBN links are the only way to rank websites and my success with my first website has bolstered my confidence. I wrote the script and all I need to do now, is to go back to it and re-enact it.

Are PBNs Dead?

I honestly don’t believe so. Why? I still see one-page, crappy websites on the front page of Google and I know the only way they could achieve that is through the use of PBN links.

Would I Still Use PBN Links?

Henceforth, my usage of PBNs would be based on Return on Investment (ROI). If I am sure using PBNs can help me make money on a website for 2 years, I would gladly do so and invest that cash in a long term, sustainable business. Reading the articles below would help you get a clearer picture:

PBNs are Not Dead

Risk and Rewards of Using PBNs

My Next Plan of Action

I honestly won’t make any changes to my existing websites. I have decided to let them be. This is because I have suffered a loss in rank twice but each time, the website went back to winning ways. I am not going to take any desperate measures that I would regret later. Rather, I would wait and see what would happen but my new websites  would benefit from my original traffic methods. I would continue to grow them and possibly share results in the future.

My Newest Challenge and What Has Kept Me Busy

If you read my income report last month, you’d remember I kept saying I was seriously considering KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Now, I am glad to inform you that is my latest challenge. I am going head, foot and nail into KDP, that explains why I have been extremely busy (reading both paid and free stuff on the subject). I really want to get my acts right but one thing I can tell you for a fact now is that I am going to do non-fiction. I have a mentor who is doing averagely $45,000 per month with non-fiction and I believe I can make a success with it because I love to write. Will probably share my overall strategy in another post but for now, I beg to go back to my reading, after all, life is about moving and I would go ahead with my plans, no matter what happens. From next month, I would start updating you about my KDP progress step-by-step. If you have ever wanted to get into kindle publishing, you’d probably find my insights useful.

If you have been reading this blog, you’d realise that I first mentioned a kindle publishing challenge in March 2013. Interestingly, I went with Amazon Affiliate Marketing first but I believe it’s high time I do KDP. At least, let me get into it and share results.

PS: I am sorry this post is coming a bit late. I just wanted to read the views of fellow Internet Marketers about the crackdown on PBNs before presenting my own. A couple of you have even called to express concern but this is my official reply. In all, I am grateful to God for my latest venture as I have learnt so much about the trade in just a few days. I officially started on October 1st,2014. The goal, just like that of Amazon Associate Marketing, is to make $1000 a month. Let’s see how things go but one thing you can be sure of is the fact that I am going to be transparent in whatever I decide to share. I made a pact of transparency with you, my readers, the day I decided to share my income, mistakes and successes and I pray the Almighty helps me to stay true to it.

Does This Mean I am Abandoning Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

A capital NO. How can I abandon a business that has made me so much money and is still making and would still make me money? I mean how can I? I am keeping up with it by using freelance writers and virtual assistants but I have never felt comfortable concentrating my earnings on one business so I want to move into something else. That explains my move into KDP. I always like to spread my risk. That way, if anything happens to one of the income streams, the others would cover me.

My Amazon Affiliate Income for August 2014

Welcome to my Amazon Affiliate Income for August 2014. If you followed last month’s report, you’d realise that I added over $400 to my previous earning. This month, I added over $500 to my previous earning and you can see proof below. I honestly must confess that I am blown away; this is totally unprecedented for me. For the records, this is the first time I am earning this kind of amount with the Amazon Affiliate program and I honestly think I can do more next month.

I am indeed grateful to God for the success I am recording but I honestly think you can also replicate whatever I am doing now. It’s just a matter of committing and working towards your goal. Here is a video to help you understand this business by Jan Roos, one of the highly respected Amazon Affiliates. He reveals how he makes $4000 a month from the program. Enjoy it!

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7 Lessons Learned from 7 Years of Internet Entreneurship

I make bold to say that I am a full time Internet Entrepreneur and it’s been 7 years on this divide. I look back with a lot of gratitude to God who made the journey smooth and rewarding. In fact, I didn’t realize I had come this far until a couple of friends on Linkedin started congratulating me. I then popped into my account to realise I had clocked 7 years as a self-employed person.

For the records, I officially resigned from my job as Deputy Editor of City People Quarterly August, 2007 and there’s been no regrets at all. Yes, the journey has been tough, yes, the journey has been gruelling, yes, the journey has been energy-sapping but there was no time when I felt like going back to paid employment. I had a strong commitment to self-employment and I stayed put. The Lord was also faithful as I prayed and still pray I will not fail. In fact, it was Leo Stan Ekeh, chairperson of Zinox Technologies Limited that said entrepreneurs pray and fast more than Pastors and I think I concur (but not wholeheartedly because some Pastors can really pray and fast). The journey hasn’t been without blood and sweat but I thank God I have results to show for it. And most importantly, I am still a self-employed gal (yes, I am still a girl after four). I really appreciate God for making this possible. For all the Lord has done, I just want to appreciate Him with this SINACH song which I love to high heavens. I never get tired of hearing it.

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